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Electrostatic Separation Technology


Mineral Technologies designs, manufactures and supplies the Carrara range of electrostatic separators. Carrara separators are used to separate dry, free flowing materials with particle sizes between 40-800 microns that exhibit electrical conductivity differences. 

High Tension Roll SeparatorsCHTRWebImage

Designed for the separation of titaniferous mineral sands, hard rock ilmenite and rutile, cassiterite, chromite, tantalite, wolframite and iron ore, the separator is supplied with either two or three roll stages.

Key features include:

  • Light weight, thermally stable composite induction electrodes for high separation efficiency
  • Super non-conductor splitter for ultra clean non-conductor products
  • Labyrinth sealed, long life, maintenance free bearings
  • Individual inspection doors to limit heat loss
  • Internal splitter system accommodates middling, conductor of non-conductor retreat without chute changes
  • Removable roll cassette for ease of maintenance
  • Full dust enclosures incorporating mesh doors to permit inspection without compromising operator safety
  • Machines are designed to fit previous generation machine footprints
  • Suitable for PLC control systems

For HTR sales worldwide please view our reference list. 

Plate & Screen Electrostatic SeparatorsCESPWebImage2

Designed for separation of titaniferous mineral sands, hard rock ilmenite and rutile, cassiterite, tantalite, wolframite, iron ore, plastics from metals in waste recycling system and PVC from other plastics.

Key features include:

  • Independently adjustable electrode systems
  • Electro/pneumatic feed gate control systems for each unit start with feed slides for feed rate control or proprietary feed roller
  • One undercarriage product receiver chute with pipe launder connection plates
  • Interlocked doors for operator safety
  • Compete dustproof enclosures and spillage chute assembly

For Electrostatic Plate and Screen Separator sales worldwide please view our reference list. 

Tribostatic Separator

Widely used in industrial minerals industry applications such as silica removal from feldspar, barite, phosphate, calcite and shell-sand mixtures. Separation of impurities from kaolin, bentonite, silicon, pegmatite, iron oxide and wheat flour.