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Process Plant Engineering

Mineral Technologies delivers innovative plant designs for mineral processing operations across a variety of mineral types worldwide. Our teams build on proven methodologies and add new ideas that transform design concepts into fully operational mineral processing plants of any size or complexity.

Underpinning our design expertise is the extensive operational knowledge gained from regular access to processing plants, combined with our broad range of proprietary equipment and service offerings. This unique combination enables our engineering teams to go beyond delivering standard engineering outcomes.

Our core capabilities include: wet and dry concentrator plants; plant retrofits and upgrades; modular relocatable plants; slurry pumping systems; test rigs and pilot plants.

Our multi-disciplined engineering teams deliver integrated engineering services for processing plants, and associated utilities and amenities. This capability enables us to provide a complete range of project management services including scheduling, tender preparation and evaluation, procurement management and construction supervisory assistance.

Supporting our engineering teams is an extensive suite of enhanced 3-D design tools and modelling software that enable clients to visualise all aspects of plant development during the design process.

3d-Plant-Design  Iron-Baron-April-2012