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Innovative CS1 Spiral Solution for New Zealand Steel

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This month we’re shipping CS1 spirals to New Zealand Steel for beneficiation of iron sand from the black sand beaches of the North Island. The sand contains mainly iron sand (titanomagnetite) and lime-soda feldspars.

In July 2015 New Zealand Steel’s Senior Process Engineer Anderson Aggrey approached Mineral Technologies seeking a cost-effective beneficiation solution to replace the existing Reichert Cones.

After initial discussions, New Zealand Steel provided test samples to Mineral Technologies’ metallurgical laboratory in Australia where testwork was undertaken comparing possible spiral options to identify the best spiral for replacing the two metre Reichert Cone Concentrators.

Following a review of the results by Anderson and our metallurgical team, the CS1 was chosen as the preferred process option as it operated well at feed slurry densities up to 62% solids (w/w) and could therefore operate at typical cone concentrator feed densities without the need for feed dilution water.

John Codling, Waikato North Heads Maintenance Superintendent and the Mineral Technologies design teams then worked collaboratively to develop a compact spiral bank solution so that the replacement would fit into the same footprint as the existing Cones without major structural modification to the beneficiation plant.

Mineral Technologies subsequently developed a stacked, circular bank design of CS1 spirals which could be installed into the existing Reichert Cones footprint to provide New Zealand Steel with a new and improved beneficiation solution.

Paul Huddart, Project Manager, New Zealand Steel, said the stacked CS1 solution achieved both the metallurgical performance and retrofit requirements.

"It was important that we achieved improved metallurgical performance with the plant upgrade and the stacked CS1 solution achieves this. I was also impressed by Mineral Technologies production facility when I inspected the CS1 banks prior to shipment," said Paul.

As with all new orders, Mineral Technologies utilised 4D BIM style Modelling to deliver the CS1 spirals for New Zealand Steel. Alex de Andrade, Global Manager, Sales, Equipment and Technology, said that Mineral Technologies CAD database incorporates priced bills of materials and linked production schedules to every order, ensuring that all manufacturing costs and quality controls are managed throughout the process.

"Our advanced modelling and data management workflows enabled our spiral production for New Zealand Steel to be delivered on-time and on-budget, within strict quality controls," said Alex.

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Pictured: CS1 Spiral Banks being prepared for shipment to New Zealand Steel and CAD image of the CS1 Spiral Assembly specifically designed for New Zealand Steel

If you are considering replacing Reichert Cones to achieve improved metallurgical performance or would like more information about the CS1 spirals which are also used extensively in Southern Africa for Chrome beneficiation please contact us today.

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