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Mineral Technologies establishes world-class stores facility at Carrara

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Improving service to our customers and supporting growth targets, Mineral Technologies has established a world-class stores facility at Carrara which houses all inventory and spare parts, allowing them to be picked and distributed within a LEAN operating environment.

Delivered On-Time and On-Budget

Delivered over a three-month project timeline, the stores facility involved the relocation of more than 700,000 parts to the newly re-fitted Keller Road factory. The project was delivered on-time and on-budget with no safety incidences.

Mineral Technologies Global Manager, Sales, Equipment and Technology, Alex de Andrade, said the new facility adopts best practice in numbering, ease of layout and safety management.

“With all spares now under the one roof and organised within a LEAN operating environment our team can improve turnaround times and accuracy in the delivery of spare parts to customers worldwide and the continuous feed of parts to our assembly and production lines” Alex says.

The relocation has freed up space in the previous stores facility to house hundreds of Mineral Technologies spiral moulds undercover, and no longer exposed to the weather elements, which will prolong the life of these valuable assets. This also facilitates easy identification and picking of moulds for faster production preparation.

Environment and Safety

In addition to improving spares support for customers and protecting assets, the new stores facility delivers positive safety and environmental impacts including:

  • Elimination of delivery vehicle access through the Elysium Road employee carpark which significantly reduces the potential for vehicle and pedestrian interaction;
  • Elimination of injury to workers due to an upgrade to the forklifts in the new facility;
  • Elimination of shelf impact damage as the shelf rack bases are fitted with bump protectors;
  • Positive environmental impact via the use of LED lights in the new facility; and
  • Addition of 35 employee car spaces created at the Elysium Road premises providing a safer working environment for employees.

“The environment and safety improvements are a very positive outcome and I am pleased that we have been able to eliminate courier and pedestrian interaction. We are also continuing to improve safety by installing fencing to segregate machinery from our extended car park area,” added Alex.

Note: employees are still required to reverse park their vehicles into all car spaces unless otherwise marked.

Team Effort

Led by Mechanical Planner, Jo Greaves, the relocation project required close collaboration and commitment from a core team which included Peter Belcher, Darren Baguley, Ken Curry, Shane Greenwood and Shane Hayes (among others) under the guidance of inventory and spares manager Scott Poile.

“This team delivered on our relocation schedule while continuing with business-as-usual which is a phenomenal achievement in itself. I congratulate the team on a tremendous job and for focusing on safety at all times,” said Alex.

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More Information

Please contact Jo Greaves on 07 5569 1300 for more information.

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