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Workplace flexibility – a key advantage at Mineral Technologies

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As part of the Downer group, Mineral Technologies brings together teams of great people to deliver excellent work for customers.

Alex de Andrade, Global Manager, Sales, Equipment and Technology, says that a key component in forming great teams is nurturing people both personally and professionally through skills development, competitive benefits, career pathways and fostering a proudly diverse workforce.

Alex says that the Mineral Technologies business goes one step further by offering workplace flexibility which provides employees working conditions that suit their need to maintain a work/life balance while improving the productivity and efficiency of their work activities.

“While we recognise the importance of having skilled people in our teams we also recognise the challenges that occur over time with balancing changing family commitments. That’s why we offer a flexible working environment so that we can retain our skilled people and continue to foster great teams,” Alex says.

Adelaide based production planner Heather Osborne (pictured above) has benefited from Mineral Technologies flexible workplace environment. Making a personal decision to relocate from the Gold Coast in 2017, Heather reluctantly faced the prospect of resigning from her position at Mineral Technologies’ Carrara head office to facilitate her relocation. However, after discussing her concerns with management, it was agreed that Heather’s planning role could be delivered from a remote location.

“I was torn between my lifestyle decision to relocate interstate with the enjoyment and job satisfaction from working as the production planner with Mineral Technologies. As my resignation discussion with Scott Poile and Alex moved from one of exiting the business to staying in the business my excitement grew and over a three-month period I was able to plan a successful relocation of both my personal and professional life,” Heather said.

Heather has now been successfully working from Adelaide for the past two years and uses all forms of communication during her working day including video conferencing which gives her a real time view of the DIFOT (delivery in full, on time) meeting room at the Gold Coast-based head office.

“I still feel very much part of the team. The 15,000-kilometre distance makes no difference to the delivery of my work and I am thoroughly enjoying my new life in Adelaide. I really do have the best of both worlds,” Heather said.

Heather says that the key advantages of her remote working environment include the ability to deal with ad hoc requests on demand and to view things from a distance which allows her to align her work processes to deliver best outcomes for internal and external customers.

Based in a home office, Heather’s physical working environment was established and is strictly managed within Downer’s Zero Harm requirements. Supporting positive mental health Heather takes regular work breaks which include moving around and managing eye strain from prolonged computer screen usage.

“Luckily the coffee machine isn’t too far away, but I do miss the chocolate from Mineral Technologies vending machine at Carrara,” Heather said.

Enjoying similar benefits of Mineral Technologies workplace flexibility is purchasing officer Katelynn Martin. Based at the Carrara office and with twin boys, Katelynn has taken advantage of opportunities to move from full-time to part-time working arrangements to suit the demands of her growing family.

“Mineral Technologies flexible approach to my job over the past nine years has been a huge benefit to me and my family. The opportunity to complete some of my tasks at home to fit in with my boys’ commitments as they have grown has been unbelievable, and the opportunity to move from full time to part time and now back to full time has been very much appreciated,” Katelynn said.

Like many working families, Katelynn was challenged by the need to rebalance her time with her boys as their needs changed. Katelynn said that the positive attitude to flexible working arrangements gave her the confidence to speak with her manager to explore opportunities and make adjustments to her working arrangements.

“My experience is very, very positive. From time-to-time we all have challenges to our work/life commitments but with the right employer a balance can be achieved not just as a one off but, as is my experience, over a long period. I really value being able to use my skills to the benefit of Mineral Technologies and to care for my growing family in the way that works best for us,” Katelynn said.

To expand her skill set Katelynn has recently completed a Certificate IV in Purchasing. Katelynn’s study time has been supported by Mineral Technologies and she has already brought much of her learning to the benefit of her purchasing role.

Summing up the conversation about workplace flexibility, Alex said it’s not just individual employees who benefit, there is a flow-on effect to all team members as the working environment becomes one of inclusivity and support.

“As a leader it’s my role to bring together skilled, talented, motivated people into working teams while providing remotely accessible business systems like our PDM workflow management system so that we can deliver solutions for customers worldwide. Proactively operating within a flexible workplace environment is not only good for individuals needing the flexibility, it makes our teams stronger and our business more successful,” Alex said.

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