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ArcelorMittal, Canada

Mineral TypeIron Ore

Mineral Technologies has received a second large order to supply wash water spiral assemblies to ArcelorMittal's Mont Wright Iron Ore mine in Canada. The order follows receipt of the largest Iron Ore spiral order in Mineral Technologies history for 5,760 spiral starts in 2010 to replace the GEC spiral assemblies which had been in operation at Mont Wright for the past 30 years.

Superior Technology

The new order comprises 448 twin start HC33 (high capacity) spirals for the rougher and 896 twin start WW6F spirals for the cleaner and recleaner circuits.

To meet Mont Wright's specific requirements, Mineral Technologies engineered innovations to the HC33 and WW6E spirals, and developed new manufacturing and assembly processes at the production facility in Australia.

One of the key engineering innovations was the development of rubber alternatives to standard polyurethane parts to meet ArcelorMitall's objectives of extended spiral longevity and durability.

Project Highlights

  • 8,000+ Iron Ore Spiral Starts
  • New expansion at Mont Wright Plant
  • Spirals specifically engineered for Mont Wright

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