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Bhushan Power & Steel, India

ClientBhushan Power & Steel
Mineral TypeIron Ore

With a focus on selecting a state of the art solution for a new Iron Ore beneficiation plant, one of India’s largest steelmakers, Bhushan Power & Steel, researched the market and selected MD spirals. The market research included extensive metallurgical testing across a wide range of fine gravity spirals and visits to Iron Ore beneficiation plants worldwide to confirm product quality and reliability.

Superior Technology

Bhushan Power & Steel’s engineers collaborated closely with Mineral Technologies’ metallurgists to review test results and ensure the process flowsheets met specific requirements. Bhushan Power & Steel executives also closely examined Mineral Technologies manufacturing facility to ensure ISO 9000 standards within the new plant would be met.

Located in the Sambalpur District, the new plant will operate at 6.5 MTPA. It incorporates a fine Iron Ore beneficiation process including a spiral circuit consisting of: 1 rougher spiral stage to treat 836 TPH of feed, 1 scavenger spiral stage to treat 544 TPH of feed and 1 cleaner spiral stage to treat 294 TPH of feed.

The beneficiation process requires a total of 960 MD spirals which will be configured across 40 spiral banks incorporating HG10S 5-turn double start spirals and WW6E 5-turn double start spirals.

Project Highlights

  • One of India’s largest steelmakers selects MD Spirals
  • State-of-the-art solution for fine Iron Ore beneficiation
  • 960 spiral order for Iron Ore
  • Superior Technology

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