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We offer a range of mineral process solutions, services and equipment across all stages of the project lifecycle. From metallurgical test work, concept and pre-feasibility studies, through to plant design, equipment supply, and commissioning.

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At Mineral Technologies, we thrive on innovation. We deliver novel developments in mineral processing technology and bespoke design solutions that help you extract maximum value from your projects.

Mineral Technologies’ FLEXSERIES is an ‘off-the-shelf’, affordable modular mineral processing solution which does not compromise on metallurgical performance. 

Born from our passion for continuous improvement, innovation and social responsibility, we invested several months perfecting this range – researching, calculating, testing, modelling and designing for every possible permutation.

This wasn’t just about developing a new product range… this was about overhauling how we design mineral processing plants for the better.

To be more efficient, improve access to complex ore bodies, reduce water consumption and tailings output, or process existing tailings deposits, and have the least environmental impact. FLEXSERIES makes it easier to return each site to its pre-mine condition.

FLEX SERIES – Our New Range of Modular, Relocatable Plants

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