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Prime Minister Visits Mineral Technologies

October 14, 2020

Last week we welcomed Prime Minister Scott Morrison, Minister for Industry, Science and Technology Karen Andrews, and Member for Moncrieff Angie Bell to our Australian head office on the Gold Coast.

Prime Minister Visits Mineral Technolgies 8

Made in Australia

Mineral Technologies’ world-class production facility manufactures our renowned spiral technology-powered gravity separation equipment, and OEM produced centrifugal, magnetic and electrostatic separation solutions to high ISO9001:2015 quality standards.

Prime Minister Visits Mineral Technolgies 2

Our manufacturing facility has continued production during COVID-19 whilst exercising new levels of social distancing and one-way traffic workflows. This was on display during the Prime Minister’s visit and is enabling our teams to continue to deliver customer orders worldwide.

Alex de Andrade, General Manager, said the Minister for Industry, Science and Technology Karen Andrews spent time with members of the production team talking about some of the innovative approaches to manufacturing.

“On behalf of the MT team we were proud to showcase our Gold Coast facility which manufactures and exports Australian made separation equipment to customers in mining operations worldwide. Some of the orders seen on the shop floor included equipment destined for Mozambique, Madagascar, Sierra Leone and Canada,” said Alex.

Prime Minister Visits Mineral Technolgies 3

Metallurgical services on show

The visit included our metallurgical testing laboratory and a tour of the Test Rig which featured several spiral models running test samples of Iron Ore and Mineral Sands.

“On the day we were testing samples from global mining locations. The Prime Minister was able to pick up samples and get a sense of the fine material.

“Our testing helps customers to identify the mineral composition and inform solutions for separating the fine mineral into saleable product,” said Alex.

Prime Minister Visits Mineral Technolgies 4

Prime Minister Visits Mineral Technolgies 6

Women in engineering

Mineral Technologies’ engineering graduates joined the visit and shared conversations with the ministerial delegation including the Minister for Industry, Science and Technology pictured below with four engineers.

Prime Minister Visits Mineral Technolgies 5

“We take an active role in encouraging women to consider STEM careers including engineering and metallurgy. I’d like to thank Wendy Nutt, Alyce Ward, Sophie Sparci and Karen Zhou for their time in participating in the visit and thank Minister Karen Andrews for her ongoing interest in our cadet and graduate engineer programs,” said Alex.

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