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We offer a range of mineral process solutions, services and equipment across all stages of the project lifecycle. From metallurgical test work, concept and pre-feasibility studies, through to plant design, equipment supply, and commissioning.

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At Mineral Technologies, we thrive on innovation. We deliver novel developments in mineral processing technology and bespoke design solutions that help you extract maximum value from your projects.

We genuinely care about your project outcomes. So we can confidently recommend the best process combination and flowsheet options, our team ensure we understand the requirements of each project.

Our expert advice is built on extensive mineral processing experience, and a library of data points from every mineral processing region in the world.

Even for the most complex of ore bodies, our aim is always to transform your raw material into a bankable and sustainable output. This allows you to reduce the risk profile and focus on delivering a solid operational performance and subsequent return on investment.

Our testing process is supported by our exclusive modelling software, developed inhouse by our Mineral Technologies team. Our superior modelling software predicts the effect of stage recirculating streams, which cannot be fully tested in a laboratory environment. This capability provides additional confidence in predicting process outcomes.

“At the front of our mind is the knowledge that MT’s success hinges on enabling our clients’ success. MT therefore conducts rigorous metallurgical testing to support flowsheet development. In the early phases of a project, we explore all available options to upgrade a mineral resource. This testing forms the basis of a robust process flowsheet and material balance to underpin the rest of the project development cycle.”

Edward Hart – Senior Metallurgist

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