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Mineração Taboca, Brazil

ClientMineração Taboca
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Mineral Technologies located a team on site to provide coordination and technical support for the procurement, construction and commissioning of the plant upgrades. Our teams worked closely with local contractors and Mineração Taboca to ensure the plant was delivered as designed. New spiral technology included Mineral Technologies high capacity HC1 R/S spirals and HC1 spirals which were assembled in Brazil.

Smart Engineering

Utilizing innovative plant design and new advances in spiral technology, Mineral Technologies delivered a design solution that upgraded the 1200tph plant to a 1600tph plant using the same footprint.

Adding to the significance of this achievement, the solution also included the design and installation of a sophisticated control system, which replaced the laborious manual operation with a world class automated system. Other important aspects included: onsite metallurgical testwork, analysis and strengthening of the building, complete redesign of the slurry distribution system, maximum utilisation of existing equipment and complete redesign of slurry piping.

Project Achievements

  • Increased throughput of Lines A & B by 50% within the same plant footprint (from 800tph to 1200tph)
  • Due to Mineral Technologies 3D plant modeling, Lines A & B plant were easily constructed without any major issues or clashes
  • Solved problem of high wear rates in existing sumps through the use of Mineral Technologies proven energy dissipater designs
  • Resolved problem of high wear rates in Line C spiral laundering system through complete redesign of Line C launders
  • Replaced existing spiral distributors with Mineral Technologies new innovative MK9 design, which provides more even spiral feed distribution and eliminates the issue of blocked outlets
  • Significantly reduced the plant water consumption by rationalising the process and eliminating the need for extra dewatering hydrocyclones
  • Completed structural strengthening and stiffening to the spiral building, after structural survey revealed the plant was unstable
  • Provided significant saving on structural steel and construction time through innovative structural design involving supporting upper levels from spiral frames
  • Improved operator access between plant areas
  • Introduced automated standby pumping system to plant, in order to reduce plant downtime and allow rapid changeover for maintenance
  • Introduced new stockpile feeding technology to increase live capacity of feed stockpile
  • Undertook a complete upgrade to the existing plant feed system in order to provide a controlled, reliable feed to the mills
  • Completed a full integration of the existing plant (from feed stockpile to spiral plant products) into a single new plant control system
  • Provided operator training on site for the new plant control system (in multiple languages)

Projects Highlights

  • 33% Increase In Capacity With Same Footprint
  • New Spiral Technology Assembled in Brazil
  • Design of Control System for World Class Automated System
  • Complete Solution from Testwork to Design & Commissioning
  • Significantly Improved Reliability & Performance

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